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5 Reasons to Hire a Dog Photographer

Yes, I might be biased as a dog photographer myself, but I truly believe it's worth investing in pictures with your dog for many reasons. If you're anything like me, your dog is basically your child...and nobody ever hesitates to take family pictures each year, right? So why should it be any different when it comes to your fur child? In my opinion - it shouldn't be 😉

So here you have it, these are my reasons why I think you should take pictures with your dog:

#1: Because pictures with your dog are FUN

I like to capture moments of you & your dog interacting in the same genuine way that you do every day. The way they look into your eyes, the silly face they get before the zoomies, or your favorite trick they just learned! I will never show up to the session with an expectation of how your dog should act or behave. Each session is tailored to the individual dog, their personality, and your relationship with them! When you hire Your Mountain Moments for your dog photography needs, I can promise you it will be a fun outing with your dog; a new memory and new experience that you'll cherish beyond the images that are delivered.

#2: Because it's their birthday 🎂

Birthdays are always the perfect excuse for a dog photo session, and yes - dog birthday photoshoots are a thing! You are not alone in wanting to capture an annual photo of your dog, and in fact I highly encourage it. It's a great way to look back as the years go on, and in my opinion, a wonderful tradition to start with your dog from an early age. I fully support bringing all the birthday props, whether that be a flower crown, birthday cupcake, bandanas, or balloons. There's no such thing as being "too extra" when it comes to dog birthday photos. If you want to include props but have no idea where to start...don't worry, that's where I come in. Reach out to start planning and let's celebrate together!

#3: Because you need pictures WITH your dog!

Yes, that's right... you need pictures WITH your dog. You've probably accumulated thousands of images OF your dog and their favorite expressions.. but having pictures WITH them is something special and truly priceless. While selfies and pictures taken by strangers on the trail are always an option, I believe that everyone should invest in high quality pictures with their dog. I'll help you out with posing options in a way that keep the session fun and engaging for you and your pup. When you hire me as your dog photographer, it's my goal to not only capture images of you both smiling & being your cute selves, but also pictures that remind you of the special bond between you and your best friend.

#4: Because you can never have too much dog content

For those of you running dog Instagram profiles or with social media accounts that your dog has basically taken over... I'm talking to you. Trust me when I say I get it, because I have a dog instagram account myself. We all love sharing our dogs with the world, and the internet will never have enough cute dog content. A dog photography session is a perfect way to stock up on updated pictures for your social media pages or for some new images to hang around the house. When it comes to dog photography, the limit does not exist.

#5: Because your dog is family

As a dog lover and enthusiast, I believe that dogs are apart of the family. If you are celebrating an engagement, adding to the family, or ready to tie the knot - I believe that it's important to have your dog along for those memories! Whether you have a brand new puppy or a dog in the latter half of life, I have the experience photographing dogs with varying personalities, temperaments, and circumstances to make the session a success. If you have a reactive dog, I promise to follow whatever structure is needed to set them up for success and allow them to thrive in front of the camera. If you want images of your dog to signing your marriage license, I got you. If you want images of your dog to celebrate their newest human sibling, I got you. If you want images of your dog because you're getting engaged, I got you.

So, what are you waiting for? Have I convinced you yet? Reach out and let's start planning your dog photography session today!

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